Rally Preparation Services (RPS) has launched the ‘Tin Cup’, a year long championship for historic rally crews, to mark a decade in business. The Oxfordshire based company has spent the past ten years working with cars and crews on some of the most prominent events in the historic motorsport industry. 

RPS managing director Simon Ayris explains: “To reach ten years in business and to have worked with so many like-minded enthusiasts all over the world needed to be celebrated – and what better way than to do more of what we enjoy.

“The Tin Cup works like a league in that crews will get points for entering a rally, finishing, and then additional points for a class place or win. The most points at the end of the year wins an actual Tin Cup, chosen as tin is the material that represents a tenth anniversary as a symbol of the durability and flexibility needed to sustain a loving union. And sometime you need to show your car and navigator a bit of love!

“Plus we’re going to finish our year of celebrations with a flourish as we hold the Tin Cup Trial in July 2018, a two-day event taking in the best of the English countryside with some fun and frolics of competition added for good measure.”

Since RPS was conceived in 2007, the business has grown steadily, and now has a staff of 19 truly conscientious car fanatics. Working as a team, they have meticulous attention to detail – not only in the workshop at the preparation stage but also when they are on a rally.

RPS has been part of the support crew for four of the Endurance Rally Association’s Peking to Paris Motor Challenges, the toughest endurance rally for vintage and classic cars – with RPS prepared cars winning twice, in 2010 and 2013. In 2016, RPS had 25 cars on the starting line in China with 23 making it all the way to Paris.

The team has recently returned from the first historic rally to take place in Japan, the Samurai Challenge, organised by Rally Round, and its most recent win comes from a novice crew who rallied a 1970 Rover P5 to victory on Bespoke Rallies’ Pan-Am Classic.

Simon’s love of historic rallying comes from the man who challenged him to set up RPS – the late Philip Young, considered to be the founder of the entire movement that is in operation today.

“Philip Young was the most inspirational man. We were chatting over a beer and he said that he’d love to give me some work but he couldn’t as I’d already got a job. I was a service manager at Kernahans garage. When I look back, this was the trigger I needed to make the move.

“His vision of the classic and vintage car rally scene back then is now so large that many of us still wonder at it and how it too has grown over the past decade. We have so much to celebrate.”

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To enter the Tin Cup, a car / crew must carry the Tin Cup Anniversary badge on their competition car on ANY single event over the period between July 21st 2017 and July 21st 2018.  


Eligible vehicles are:

Pioneer – Cars registered pre-1920
Vintage – Cars in registered from 1920 to 1931
Vintageant – Cars registered from 1932 to 1941
Classic cars up to 2Ltr – Cars registered from 1942 to 1975
Classic cars over 2Ltr – Cars in registered from 1942 to 1975 (by approval)
Modern Classics – Anything registered between 1979 and 1989 – Front Wheel drive only (by approval only)
Moderns – Anything registered post 1990 but not eligible for overall awards. (by approval only) Eligible singular awards only. This is to cover rental cars etc.


How it works.

Once you have registered and received your badge, let us know what event/s you are participating in and send us a picture of your car with the Tin Cup badge and rally plate. You will then be awarded points for each event – the more events, the more points…simple!

The points awarded are:

1 point if you enter a rally
3 points if you cross the start line
5 points if you cross the finish line
10 points if you place in the top 5 in a class
15 points if you win a class
20 points if you place in the top 5 overall
25 points if you win overall

At the end of the year, the highest point scorers in each class will be eligible for a class win with the highest scorer winning the Tin Cup

To register your car/crew for The Tin Cup click here

SAVE THE DATE: The Tin Cup Trial
21/22nd July 2018

We plan to start on the Oxfordshire/Hampshire border and journey towards Chippenham and an overnight halt in Bath. Day two sees us discovering Gloucestershire and heading into the Cotswolds before we reach the finish line at Eynsham Hall, Witney.

With specially devised tests at iconic motorsport venues as well as fun challenges to test both car and crew along with way with some fun prizes up for grabs. 

Reserve your place now. 

To enter The Tin Cup weekend fill out our online application click here


And another car leaves the workshop, this time Andrew Laing's PEUGEOT 504 heads for Endurance Rally Association - ERA's inaugural Himalayan Challenge ... See MoreSee Less

And another car leaves the workshop, this time Andrew Laings PEUGEOT 504 heads for Endurance Rally Association - ERAs inaugural Himalayan Challenge


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That looks incredible. Back when Peugeot knew how to make cars 😉

Fabulous looking vehicle.

#FullFrontalFriday Just finished Julian Griffiths' 1938 #Chevrolet Fangio Coupe which is off to do Rally Round Africa ... See MoreSee Less

#FullFrontalFriday Just finished Julian Griffiths 1938 #Chevrolet Fangio Coupe which is off to do Rally Round Africa

3 days ago

Rally Preparation Services Ltd

It helps that the BMW is so stunning but great shot from tonylarge.net from HERO's 1000 Mile Trial - now in third place! #TeamRPSThe lovely BMW 327/28 Sport Coupe of Gerd Antonious Buehler & James Ewing are filling thetop 3 in third. (and no I've never seen a BMW 327 etc etc before either, lovely colour scheme!) ... See MoreSee Less

It helps that the BMW is so stunning but great shot from tonylarge.net from HEROs 1000 Mile Trial - now in third place! #TeamRPS
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