Brantz is a leading brand in historic rally navigation equipment, known for their exceptional range of trip meters and timers designed for both rally navigators and drivers. Brantz trip meters stand out for their unmatched accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. These devices are meticulously crafted to deliver precise measurements of distance, average speed (in select models), and time during rally events, Brantz trip meters help competitors enhance their navigation skills, optimize performance, and achieve better rally results. Whether you’re an experienced rally navigator or first-time participant, choosing Brantz guarantees unparalleled precision and reliability in rally navigation, making it an essential companion for any competitive rally.


For modern rallies, we recommend the Brantz International trip meters. The International trip meters feature large light-emitting displays, 15 mm (0.6 inches) tall. The Brantz International 1 is ideal for road rallying and club-level stage events, while the Brantz International 2 provides a comprehensive solution for professional rally drivers. The Brantz 2 ‘S’ Pro includes an exceptionally accurate speedometer. These models are calibrated electronically and typically used with a wheel or prop shaft sensor.