Andrew Laing

Andrew Laing, Peking to Paris Competitor 2016

Supplied through our own car sales and build - 1940 Pontiac Coupe

``RPS were with me from the very start, sourcing a car , handling the rebuild to rally spec and providing spares support along the way. They have clearly vast experience with these type of cars which are so suited to the harsh conditions of the Peking to Paris route. I couldn't have done it without them``

Tim Wilkinson

Tim Wilkinson, Peking to Paris Competitor 2010

Rally Preparation servicing on 'Benson', a 1929 Buick 25x

``RPS prepared for participation in Peking to Paris 2010. Simon and his team were a pleasure to work with 'Benson' a vintage Buick, their knowledge of what is required for an endurance rally event proved invaluable. A list of works was agreed upon and the car was ready in good time for shipping to China. The car finished the event with only a handful of small issues that you would expect to encounter on an event like Peking to Paris, I would not hesitate to recommend RPS.``

jeff urbina

Jeff Urbina, Flying Scotsman 2016

Rally Preparation servicing and build on a 1929 Rolls Phantom II, a 1938 Chevy Fangio Coupe, a 1957 Chevy 210 and a 1936 Ford Convertible.

``We have been long time and repeat customers of RPS and are on our third build with Simon and his team. We sought them out several years ago due to their expertise in building and prepping cars for endurance rallies. We have not been disappointed! RPS is knowledgeable about what works and what doesn't for these events and they have been invaluable to us in our planning. We have used RPS to both build and prep our cars``

Matthew Watson

Matthew Watson, Peking to Paris Competitor 2016

Sourcing of car and full build 1959 Jaguar MK2

``Without the help, knowledge and expertise of Simon and all the mechanics at RPS Iím not sure that we would have made it to the start line let alone the finish line of the 2016 Peking to Paris. Many thanks on a great job.``


Neil Lawson-May, Peking to Paris Competitor 2016

Sourcing of car and prepatory work for 2016 Peking to Paris, Alpine Trial and Flying Scotsman

``The RPS engineers are on all the rallies themselves. When they are building your car they know what it's going to go through because they've done it already.``

1956 MK1 Sunbeam Rapier Rally Car Rear

Philip Lindsten, Alpine Trial 2015

Supply and build of 1939 Chevrolet Fangio Rally Car

``I contacted RPS to prepare a long-distance pre-war rally car for the 2016 P2P. RPS exceeded my expectations by building a fantastic car and providing excellent after sale support.``

RPS Testimonials peking example

Tim Eades, Bodacious Racing LLC

Supply and build of 1938 Chevrolet Fangio Coupe. Alpine Trial 2016, Peking to Paris 2016

``Building a proper rally car is quite an endeavor. We at Bodacious Racing have been working with RPS for 2 years now. They helped us with a 1938 Chevy built by a previous owner, and made substantial changes to make it competitive. They built from scratch in about 5 months, a 1957 Chevy so that we could drive it on the Peking to Paris Rally. A miracle! And they are building our third rally car, a 1936 Ford. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Simon and all of the technicians and staff at RPS.``


Bodfan Jenkins, Three Castles Classic Rally 2016

Rally Preparation and servicing on 1973 Jensen Healey
Image courtesy of Max Earey

``Advice, attention and accuracy. That sums up RPS's approach, from Simon and from all his team. Ideas for improvement put into effect, the car kept at the cutting edge, any issues solved and, if there's an emergency, instant response. This operation is a class act.``