The Powerlite range, exclusively manufactured by parent company Eurolec Components, represents a pinnacle of engineering excellence, with each unit meticulously designed, tested, and built to the highest standards in the UK. This dedication to quality ensures that Powerlite products are both reliable and highly effective in demanding applications.
Ideal for both road and competition use, the Dynalite provides up to 80% more power while weighing up to 40% less than original dynamo units. Designed to replicate various original models, Dynalite can directly replace these units without vehicle modifications. Often, original dynamo pulleys can be used, making the alternator conversion straightforward and reversible.
The self-regulating Dynalite units offer increased reliability and efficient charging across the full rev range. Wiring changes are simple and reversible. All Dynalite units come with a lifetime warranty and comprehensive fitting instructions. Powerlite also offers a wide range of fitting accessories, including fans, pulleys, and dummy control boxes.