Q-10 Trip Meter

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Q-10 Trip Meter


Our most affordable rally computer, the Q-10 is ideal for club-competitors on a budget, or specialised events where only basic distance measurement is allowed. The Q-10 has two accurate five-digit distance counters that can be individually cleared.


The perfect balance of performance and affordability, the Monit Q-Series is a traditional wheel sensor based rally computer designed to meet the needs of club competitors on a budget.

The Q-Series is fitted with two five-digit distance counters that can be quickly set to zero or adjusted up and down using the simple menu system. The counting direction (up or down) can be changed, and the decimal point automatically shifts to allow measurement of very large distances. An external foot-switch can be connected to clear the distances, change the counting direction, or implement a freeze function.


Size & Weight:

Width – 102mm

Height – 57mm

Thickness – 20mm

Weight  100 grams

Cable Length – 400mm

Mounting bosses – 2x M4



2.9inch (diagonal) transflective type 128×64 pixel liquid crystal display with high contrast fluid.

Bright white LED backlight with dimming control.

Anti-glare film with scratch proof coating.



Monit Rally Computers are trusted and tested across a spectrum of events, from the demanding World Rally Championship (WRC) to the legendary Peking to Paris rally, they serve as an ideal enhancement for modern, classic, or historic vehicles.


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