G-200+ Trip Meter

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The top of the range G-200+ model has all the features required for the highest level of competition. The main advantages over the G-100+ are the addition of a time-of-day clock, multiple average speed counters, additional stopwatch, fuel management system and handy stage recorder. For competitors that demand the most from their equipment the G-200+ is the ideal choice. Designed for professional rally teams, the new G-Series has all the features required for serious rallying. And with its integrated GPS+ receiver, getting started has never been easier.

Built using the latest technology, the new Monit G-Series is carefully designed to meet the needs of professional rally teams. From its light-weight (100g) construction to its powerful integrated GPS receiver, every part of the G-Series has been designed to optimize weight, performance and reliability.

GPS+ technology.

The GPS receiver inside the G-Series is much more sensitive than that found in a typical smart phone or sat-nav device. Combined with an external roof mounted antenna the high-quality receiver is able to deliver accurate distance and speed measurements almost anywhere on the planet.

Size & Weight:
Width – 116mm
Height – 57mm
Thickness – 20mm
Weight (unit only) – 100 grams
Mounting bosses – 2x M4

2.9inch (diagonal) transflective type 128×64 pixel liquid crystal display with high contrast fluid.
Bright white LED backlight with dimming control.
Anti-glare film with scratch proof coating.

Electrical & Operating Requirements:
Operating Voltage          12-15V nominal
Operating Current          20-120mA
Standby Current             <5mA
Operating Temperature  -10 to 70 deg C
Storage Temperature    -20 to 80 deg C

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