Brantz Pre-Scaling Interface [BR5]

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Brantz Pre-Scaling Interface 

This interface is intended to safely drive Brantz meters from digital pulse supplies found on vehicles fitted with digitally pulsed electronic speedometers or tachographs and as such, substitute for other types of motion sensors. Some types of ABS sensors are suitable as inputs to the interface, though some ABS systems do not generate a speedometer pulse until they reach a certain speed and so are not capable of accurate work Check with your car supplier.
The three push-on connectors on the right of the device are colour coded to match the wires inside the GREY cable coming from the Brantz meter. The single push-on connector on the left of the interface will respond to digital ground pulses coming from the vehicle. Confirm suitability with a voltmeter before connecting the interface to the vehicle’s pulse wire: Low signal = less than one volt, high signal is greater than 4 volts positive with respect to ground.
Analogue sources are not suitable.
Check that the signal occurs at very low speeds as well as at normal driving speeds.

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