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Basic Roamer RaliClok Full Kit


RPS have tested these units a variety of vehicles and on events; RaliClok is a unique and simple combination combining Time of day clock, Stopwatch and Rally time/Due time functions. We have installed these units in several of our own cars and client’s cars find them incredibly helpful.


RaliClok is an easy to use, but sophisticated, accurate and modern rally time clock, stopwatch and Due Time unit featuring a 3.2” colour and touch sensitive TFT display it is supplied with a (pluggable) remote switch unit with a 2 metre lead, allowing most of its stopwatch functionality to be operated without touching the display and a (fixed) 1.2 metre power lead which can be simply connected to the vehicle power (positive or negative earth) via a 3A fused connection


RaliClok can be set to show:

Rally time, with an optional pause/resume capability.

Rally time plus a stopwatch (to either 1 second or 0.1 second resolution) that can be started at a pre-set value, set to count up or down, and to be paused/resumed as required.

Rally time and settable Due time allowing the user to easily select the due time using the remote buttons (hrs, min and/or secs) which will then count down in green if Early and auto change if Late in red. Can be frozen at any time to record actual arrival TOD, Due time and Early/Late total.

Rally time and any “in flight” stopwatch timing is retained when RaliClok is turned off and/or disconnected from the vehicle power

Two setup screens allow the customisation of various settings (including colour choice) that determine the way that RaliClok operates and looks