Basic Roamer 5

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Basic Roamer 5

Basic Roamer logo reminds you to plot Eastings followed by Northings.

Depth of Roamer equates to 2 miles in scale.
Width of Roamer equates to 5km in scale.
Based on 1:50,000 (1 1/4 to the mile)
1/4 grid square cut out.
100 metre radius cut out.
200 metre radius cut out.
300 metre radius cut out.
400 metre radius cut out.
500 metre radius cut out.
Compass points & bearings.
12 + 24 hour clock face.
1/10km (100 metre) scale.
1/2 tenth (50 metre) scale.
1/10th mile scale.
1/6th mile scale.
1/8th mile scale.
Degree angles.
100 yard scale.
1 Nautical mile scale.
Ref to Roman numerals.
Average speed formulae.

Additional information

Weight .015 kg
Roamer Colour

Blue on White, Black on White, Red on White, Black on Clear


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