80 Evo Drive Lamp With Side Lamp

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80 Evo Drive Lamp With Side Lamp

Class: Competition / Emark Lamp
Type: Drive Lamp
Bulb: Clear
Bulb Type: H4 Drive lamp with Side Lamp

The 80 Evo Drive Lamp is a steel shelled lamp that has a multi surface lens reflector, that is fitted with a H4 60/55=110/100 Platinum White bulb

It is also fitted with a parking/side light and this is a W5W Capless 501 bulb. The dimensions are the same as the 80 Series.

The lamp is supplied as a single lamp; there is a dedicated wiring harness that allows the full function of the lamp used – that is the main beam dip and the side light functions.

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Weight 3 kg
Lamp Type

Drive Lamp, Fog Lamp, Spot Lamp


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