H-Duty Co Driver Footrest Black / Blue / Aluminium

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Motamec H-Duty Co Driver Alloy Footrest Black / Blue / Aluminium


The Motamec H-Duty Co Driver Footrest is specifically engineered with racing in mind, featuring a pyramid-type design for optimal grip and stability.



Floor mounted with swaged holes – It’s designed to be securely mounted to the floor of the vehicle using swaged holes, ensuring stability and reliability during intense driving conditions.



Width: Approximately 33cm – This width provides ample space for the co-driver’s foot, accommodating various foot sizes comfortably.
Length: Approximately 28cm – The length ensures adequate support for the entire foot, maintaining stability and comfort throughout prolonged use.


Functionality and Durability:

The combination of materials and design elements suggests a focus on durability and performance. The aluminium construction ensures lightweight yet robust support, while the powder coating and anodization enhance longevity and resistance to environmental factors.


Colours available:

Plain titanium finish
Anodized Blue
Black Powder coated


The Motamec Heavy Duty Co-Driver Alloy Footrest blends functionality with visual appeal, making it suitable for demanding racing environments where reliability and performance are paramount. Its ergonomic design and durable construction cater to the needs of co-drivers, offering comfort and stability during high-speed manoeuvres.




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Anodized Blue, Black Powder Coated, Plain Aluminium