GaugePilot RPS Edition

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The GaugePilot RPS Edition

Celebrating “RPS’s To Finish First, First You Must Finish” ethos, the RPS Edition provides not only cutting-edge rally computer functionality for the historic competitor but also includes extensive engine monitoring capabilities.
With a comprehensive understanding of the needs of endurance ralliers on events such as the Monte Carlo Historique, the Millie Miglia, and of course the Peking to Paris Rally, RPS were uniquely placed to specify the precise functionality required of the ultimate rally computer; The GaugePilot RPS Edition.
The RPS Edition features:
Matt black non-reflective bezel
RallyMaster Rally Computer Application, with two decimal place target speed entry and analogue display of current position against that target speed in 1/8 second increments
Support for multiple calibrated tyresets with the ability to apply the roadbook calibration to all home calibrated tyres during an event.
Optional Driver Display unit, driven by the main unit, showing target average speed, current average speed, and the easy-to-read RallyMaster too-fast too-slow needle


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