AKD Heritage Collection Tool Roll Sets

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All Tool Roll Toolsets basic contents: Adjustable spanner 6”, Screwdrivers: Slotted, Crosstip PH2, Contact Breaker, and Circuit Tester, Plier, Hammer 4oz, Feeler Gauge set, Grease Gun, Tyre Pressure Gauge 6-50psi and Pen Torch.

Choose From:

Basic contents, plus Tubular Box Spanner Spark Plug size c/w Tommy Bar,

Adjustable Spanners 8”, 10” 

AF set, Basic contents plus Open End and Tubular Box Spanners

3/16 x 7/16”, 1/2 x 9/16”, plus Box Spanner 3/4” x Spark Plug,

c/w Tommy Bars 

BSW set, Basic contents plus Open End and Tubular Box Spanners

1/8 x 3/16”, 1/4 x 5/16”, plus Box Spanner 3/8” x Spark Plug,

c/w Tommy Bars


Metric set, Basic contents plus Open End and Tubular Box Spanners

12 x 13, 14 x 15, plus Box Spanner 19 x Spark plug,

c/w Tommy Bars

Tool Roll, empty. Durable classic style, hand-made from traditional

materials, 15 pockets, leather strap and buckle fastening.

Dimensions – open, 21.3/4” x 11.1/2”, closed c.5” x 5” x 11.1/2” 


Introducing the AKD Heritage Collection – a range of authentically classic tools, made using today’s materials and manufacturing processes. The best of both worlds, with modern performance and an authentic period look, and all from the original manufacturer!

Abingdon King Dick, manufacturers of high quality professional-user hand tools since 1856, provided tools as original equipment to the majority of the now classic British vehicle manufacturers, and have recreated a range of traditionally styled tools which utilise ultra-modern reliability and performance capabilities 

Still manufactured in Birmingham UK, the Heritage Collection is created from state of the art products inspired by the original tools, and aesthetically sympathetic to the originals to provide a traditional, visually authentic finish.

The range includes old style double open ended spanners, in AF, BSW and metric sizes, and featuring a durable, retro black finish. Traditional double ended box spanners also feature, again period correct with a black finish, further supported by customary wooden handled screwdrivers which now incorporate the latest specification of high-performance blades inside conventionally styled and treated wooden handles to give the ultimate classic look but with bang up-to-date performance.

Together with many other classically styled and desirable tools, the Heritage Collection offers a choice of tool sets and selections to suit the vast majority of requirements. With a classically styled, versatile and hard wearing tool roll, a range of standard sets are immediately available, together with the option to create your own specific requirements for your ideal tool set for travel or garage use.

All materials are critically sourced and manufactured to exacting standards and controls, and made to achieve high performance whilst retaining a durable, traditional appearance. 


Some products are selectively chosen by us at Abingdon King Dick, and are not of our manufacture, all such items are of assured and tested high quality and warranted by us accordingly.

The combination of these components provides optimum performance tools complete with time-honoured styling.

This product range is available as an exclusive collaboration between the FBHVC and Abingdon King Dick.



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