We’re counting down the weeks until this year’s Peking to Paris Rally and when you’re going to be spending 36 days in one car, it can be a bit daunting to begin to consider just what constitutes an essential item. Here we give you our top 10 items that we think will prove to be invaluable on this epic 8,500mile journey to the finish line.


Monit Trip Meter
Accurate navigation requires accurate measurement on the road, which is where Monit Trip Meters come into their own. As well as being backlit for night time, use the floating decimal point, which adjusts over longer distances. Ideal for those “fork left in 176 miles” type instructions. Monit have further developed their units after feedback from RPS after both the 2010 and 2013 Peking to Paris events.


Jerry Cans
Running out of fuel is not an option, so take a Jerry can, or two. Space is at a premium so consider the collapsible 20 litre version, which once filled, could also be used as a pillow! No smoking in bed though…


Map Pockets
Invest in some map/time card pockets and dry fit them using tank tape to find the optimum position for the navigator. They won’t thank you if reaching the maps is easy but they skins their shin every time they get out of the car.


Garmin GPS
If you take a wrong turn in the middle of Mongolia, then run out of fuel (it happens!), being able to give the latitude and longitude of your location to rescue crews will make the whole episode a little less worrying. Buy it, fit it and most important of all learn how to use it!


Map Light
Night navigation brings with it its own problems, so improve your chances in the dark by using a Donn Barrow Map Light. Magnifying the map helps tired eyes, while the enclosed housing prevents light spill from affecting the driver’s night vision. And don’t forget to fit a spare bulb!


Mr Funnel
Nothing can bring you to a halt quicker than fuel problems, so minimise the risk at every fill-up by using Mr Funnel. The fine filters prevent water, dust, and debris from entering the fuel system and wreaking havoc. Essential if you’re topping up from a Jerry can in a sandstorm…


Harness Cutter
What is a life worth? About £3 if you don’t invest on a harness cutter. In an emergency a harness cutter will slice through the harness in seconds; seconds which could be vital. Mount it where both crew members, or anyone arriving to offer assistance, can reach it easily.


Comfortable Harness
Ensuring your harness is comfortable can reap huge rewards during an event. We recommend the TRS Clubman harness, with the addition of shoulder pads. Take time to test them too! 100 miles after the start is not the place to discover they cut into your neck.


Space in the car is limited so only have the maps, paperwork, etc; you will need for that day in the cabin. Ensure you have storage pockets for drinks and snacks too. At the end of the day, no matter how tired, tidy the car and get everything ready for the next day.


Pencil Sharpener
Navigators should always have three pencils to hand in top condition and sharpened ends. We’d suggest the Staedtler Tub Sharpener which catches all the shavings thereby preventing the driver, who has just dented the wing, from whining about you “making a mess” in the car.  Empty the shavings into his rally bag each evening he dents another panel. Hilarious!