1979 Opel Kadett Rally Car RPS

 Price £36,000


Rally Preparation Services have been consigned to offer for sale this Opel Kadett GT/E rally car.

The Opel Kadett C was first produced in 1973 at the Frankfurt motor show with its very appealing and striking Coupé lines. Showroom sales saw a staggering 1.7 million units being made until the model was eventually phased out in the October of 1979. However, in the mid-seventies the hot hatchback market was starting to evolve with the MK1 Golf Gti being launched in March 1975 at the Frankfurt motor show – Opel’s response to this was to introduce the more powerful Opel Kadett GT/E at the same show, a Kadett Coupé fitted with a fuel injected 1,900cc engine producing 113 hp. The slogan that the marketing division of Opel adopted was ‘The rally specialist for all days’ These cars were produced with vertical mounted telescopic shock-absorbers at the rear and even more power, all of which underpinned its rally pedigree. The later variants GT/E’s were the fastest Kadett’s ever produced by the factory.

The success of the Kadett GT/E through the dealership showrooms was such that over nine months after original launch and by the end of 1975 over 5,000 of the models had been produced allowing it full Group 1 status for motorsport by the FIA in both rallying and touring car racing.

This very solid Group 2 Rally car was built in 1978 as a 2 litre injection GTE homologation special and reportedly driven on the Swedish round of the WRC in 1981 before it became a clubman rally car campaigned in Sweden. It was then brought into the UK and registered here in 2013.

The current owner purchased the Opel in 2014 and readied the car for use on the forest stage at that years Goodwood Festival of Speed, which it has been showcased on three times. In 2015 the car was further enhanced to take part in the Endurance Rally Association’s Sahara rally in Morocco. Updates included a five-speed gearbox, strengthened suspension, axle reinforcement and some carpeting inside ready for the slog down from the UK to Toledo in Spain to take the start of the rally – and then drive back home again from the finish in Marrakech.

Since then the car has been seen out quite often on several BTRDA rounds in the UK at the hands of the owner.

Currently fitted with a 4.2 diff and LSD we are told that you only have to swap out the 4-speed competition box and put in the 5 speed Getrag in its place, put on the 14” rims and you are ready for regularity events. The car comes with the full kit to do that and is something we can help with.

Great fun to drive and a car suitable and competitive for many national and international events, from the Historic scene in the UK to the Monte Carlo Historique.

The Opel Kadett has full FIA papers, MSA historic papers and a standard Motorsport UK logbook.

The car is currently residing with Rally Preparation Services sister company SASCo – the Stand Alone Storage Company and is readily available for inspection.

All viewings and test drives welcomed through direct contact with Rally Preparation Services.

All enquiries please contact us on mail@rpsrally.com or telephone +44(0)1993 358009

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  • Shell recently re-prepped and painted in correct white and yellow with Opel Sweden livery along with period advertising.
  • LHD, seam welded shell with full T45 weld in cage
  • Gusseted engine bay with reinforced shock absorber towers
  • Sump guard
  • Welded in seat rails
  • Motor drive seats – In date seats
  • Corbeau 5-point harness’ – in date
  • Sparco Steering Wheel
  • Helmet net
  • Flocked dash
  • Carpet (noise reduction)
  • Brantz International 3 pro
  • Brantz Rally Timer
  • Map light
  • Interior light
  • New competition wiring loom by Bremax
  • Electronic Fire extinguisher system – in date
  • Ignition cut – electronic
  • Odyssey battery in box behind driver
  • LED work lights in boot and under bonnet
  • Power for intercom
  • Correct Scholar recent built engine producing a very tractable 150 BHP
  • Twin Facet fuel pumps – separately switched
  • Primary boot mounted filter feeding into secondary under bonnet Malpassi Filter King
  • Twin 45 DCOE carburettors
  • Boot mounted 12 gallon / 55 litre aluminium shaped fuel tank
  • All fuel and brake lines inside car
  • Tubular exhaust manifold
  • New skidded exhaust system
  • Two gear boxes. Original Opel competition ratio 4 speed box, and for long distance events a Getrag 5 speed with overdriven 5th
  • Solid Dural brace to rear axle, currently fitted with a 4.2 final drive with LSD
  • Spare original 4.75 available final drive
  • Recent Bilstein’s all round
  • Reinforced upper and lower front suspension with heavy duty bushes
  • Discs with Mintex competition linings all round
  • Bias valve
  • Hydraulic handbrake

1 x Standard Gearbox
1 x 5 Speed Gearbox
1 x 5 Speed Propshaft
1 x Standard Axle
6 x 14” Revolution Wheels and tyres (fitted to car)
9 x 13” ATS wheels and tyres
2 x Front top suspension arms
2 x Front lower suspension arms
2 x Rear Road Springs
2 x Bilstein Rear Dampers
2 x Bilstein Front dampers
1 x Radiator
1 x RHD Bellhousing
1 x 4 Speed Propshaft
1 x Lamp bar with Cibie Oscars fitted
1 x OE fuel tank
1 x box assorted items


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