Rally Preparation Services Rally Car For Sale -1968 AMC AMX Rally Car RPS

 Price £100,000

Rally Preparation Services is pleased to offer this 1968 AMC AMX classic car for sale. This long-distance endurance rally car was stripped to a bare shell before being purpose built for the 2016 Peking to Paris Motor Challenge, a now famous endurance rally. There is no doubt that in the right hands, this is a potential rally winner.

AMC (American Motor Corporation) was formed by the merger of Nash Kelvinator (as in fridges) and the Hudson Motor Co. in 1954 and soon competed with the big three despite being a much smaller company. Innovative engineering such as tandem master cylinders and manufacturing practices such as shared componentry helped the company compete along with the far-sighted purchase of Jeep. A largely unsuccessful merger with Renault followed the eventual absorption by the Chrysler Corporation which phased out the AMC brand by the late 1980s.

The AMX was a mix of sports car and muscle car. Production ran for just three years from 1968 to 1970 and was unique in being the only steel constructed two seater car made in America at the time and voted ‘Best Engineered Car of the Year’ in 1969 and 1970 by the American Society of Automotive Engineers.

Rally preparation includes a bespoke roll-cage which follows modern practice of reinforcing the bodyshell and suspension pick up points. The bodyshell has been fully seam welded and reinforced in common with best practice. The engine which was re-built is a later 1970 AMX 360 unit of 5.9 litres and producing around 270bhp. The driveline consists of a paddle clutch, a five-speed transmission connected to a live axle.

Rally equipment includes full harness belts, Peltor intercom, two GPS Monits with a back-up wheel sensor and Garmin GPS. Suspension is coli front and leaf rear with Reiger dampers. A comprehensive spares package including tents! is included.

The car is currently residing at RPS’ sister company – the SASCo storage facility and available for inspection.

All viewings and test drives welcomed by appointment at Rally Preparation Services All enquiries please to Martin on martin@rpscvm.com or telephone (0)1993 358009.

Overall competition kerb weight is approximately 1,750kg plus the weight of the crew. Weight balance, with full 200 litre fuel tanks and the crew on board, is almost 50/50 with nearly all the weight held low and between the axles.

The engine although modest in power (peak 272hp) provides great gobs of torque from the bottom of the rev range (peak 475 NM). The engine was deliberately de-tuned to run on any fuel available

The car comes with a good spares package to carry in the car and a set of critical spares to hold ready at base.  A complete camping set up of mats, tents, and sleeping bags good for -20 Centigrade and a recovery set of hi-tech sand mats and low-tech Chinese shovel.

A competition trolley jack is mounted at the top of the boot in a bespoke holder to facilitate quick wheel swaps with an impact driver holstered alongside combined with a pair of collapsible axle stands for fixed services. The ignition coils are mounted in tandem so a quick change can replace a failed one.

A Peltor intercom is hard wired to the car with headsets and an iPod lead for music on the go. Two Monit displays with GPS aerials on the roof, the navigator’s has a backup wheel sensor, with a GPS aerial in the spares kit. A tracking device is fitted in car and is live for the rest of this year. Roof mounted GPS Aerials and dash mounts for two Garmin GPS devices come with the car.


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