1965 Ford Corsair Rally Car Outside RPS

 Price £13,750

This car was built from a perfect body shell into a rally car to take part in the 2008 Classic Safari. Since then the car has taken part in numerous classic car events both in the UK and over Europe. Now available for sale through Rally Preparation Services Ltd.


The Ford Corsair made its name as a proven rally car because of the exploits of Eric Jackson a rally driver from Barnsley who was known for his long-distance drives during the sixties. Ford Motor Company noticed his exploits being one of their Ford dealers and then in 1965 Ford planned a publicity stunt to race an Ocean liner, the RMS Windsor Castle from Cape Town in South Africa all the way to Southampton.

The Windsor Castle would need to average 24 mph and the Captain of the vessel felt it a simple win so he took up the challenge. Jackson set off in the Corsair but lost time almost straight away with many punctures. He found that the inner tubes of his tyres chaffing against the ribbing inside the Cross-Ply tyres he had fitted. Stories say that Eric was changing tubes and even fixing a puncture, whilst on the move.

The country of Cameroon was an issue as they refused the car entry so it had to be flown in an air-lift. Once clear they then drove non-stop to England, reaching a hotel at Gatwick the night before the day the ship was due to dock, after a few hours rest the crew drove to Southampton. Ford agreed with Captain Hart that due to the air-lift, they would call it a draw, and the Corsair made it to the dockside just as the ship entered the harbour.


Believed to be one of a very few 1965 Ford Corsair’s left in existence – certainly as a rally car, this car is in amazing condition.

The Corsair is ready to go and comes complete with all the necessary equipment to compete in events from the domestic scene to longer distance endurance events – in something different!  

1700 cc V4 Engine

Uprated Suspension

Strut brace

Corbeau Rally Seats

Luke Harness’

Rear Hoop roll bar with back stays

Trimmed rear seat around roll bar

Terratrip Trip Meter

Auxiliary power Sockets

Rostyle wheels

Two Spare Wheels

Driving Lamps x4

Reversing Lamp

Fire extinguisher

Increased capacity radiator


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