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The Volvo PV544 was introduced in 1958 as a development of the PV444, and while it shared that car’s monocoque construction, it gained various upgrades such as a four-speed gearbox in place of the previous three-speeder. From 1962 onwards, it was also offered with the new B18 engine that had been developed for the P1800 sports car.

The 1.8-litre, four-cylinder unit had five main bearings and could be fitted with either single or twin carburettors. It was a robust engine that helped to confirm Volvo’s status in endurance rallying, the Swedish company having set up its own competition department during the late 1950s and claimed victory on the 1960 Gran Premio de Argentina. The winning car on that occasion was a PV544 driven by Gunnar Andersson, who became manager of the competition department shortly afterwards.

Perhaps the most famous PV544 victory came in 1965, when Joginder Singh and his co-driver brother Jaswant won the East African Safari Rally. The second-placed crew crossed the finish line one hour and 40 minutes behind ‘The Flying Sikh’, and Singh would later insist that the distinctively styled Volvo was his favourite car.

The PV544 being offered for sale by Rally Preparation Services Ltd (RPS) was first registered in 1962 and was acquired in 2008 by an experienced rallying couple who had started at the deep end by making their debut on the inaugural LeJog in 1993. With their experience so far, a calculated choice of buying the Volvo for the rigours of Peking to Paris was made.

“Viktor” the Volvo as he is fondly named had his maiden run on the Poppy Rally and then the Classic Marathon before having 12 months being rebuilt in preparation for the 2010 Peking-Paris Motor Challenge. Although they later reported in jest that they ‘broke everything’, they made it to the finish and went on to complete five more long-distance events – the 2012 Trans Am, the 2013 Great South American Challenge, the 2014 Classic Safari, then the 2015 Road to Mandalay followed by the Rally of the Incas in 2016.

The engine was opened up, and then overhauled including works to the cylinder head and a better spec camshaft. A more suitable gearbox was fitted for the long-distance events and the demands they bring. With the homologated limited-slip diff, the low first gear means that, as the owner puts it, ‘it will crawl out of anything’.

The bodywork was carried out by the same person who had looked at the body on the Joginder Singh PV544, while RPS took care of all the detail work. Underbody protection has been fitted, and following their outing on the Peking-Paris the owners changed the seats for Corbeau buckets. There are two fuels tanks and all the pipework, pumps and filters are doubled up, while the steel wheels are fitted with robust Toyo van tyres. There are also catch straps around the engine mounts and chains on all the filler caps.

The PV544 excelled on endurance events in period, and it still has the rugged, robust character that makes it an excellent choice for historic events. Ideally suited to being either an affordable ‘starter entry’ or a dependable choice for experienced crews, this Volvo is offered for sale having always been maintained to an exceptional standard that has enabled it to complete some of the most gruelling rallies in the world.

The Volvo PV comes with two spare wheels, a full range of spare parts, trolley jack and axle stands, and numerous useful rally items recommended for endurance rallying.

Across the build and development of this car the shell was strengthened, turning it into a strong and proven car, an excellent base on which to build further towards the purchasers desired specification.

The car will need some freshening up which is reflected in the vendor’s asking price.

The car is currently with RPS’ sister company, the SASCo storage facilityand available for inspection.

All viewings and test drives welcomed by appointment at Rally Preparation Services.

All enquiries please contact us on or telephone +44(0)1993 358009

  • Mudflaps to all wheels
  • Leather Bonnet straps
  • Bonnet rear raised for additional cooling
  • Leather Boot straps
  • Commercial tyres
  • Custom exhaust
  • Heavy duty tow eyes
  • Sump guard
  • Mota-Lita steering wheel
  • Map light
  • Remodelled dashboard
  • Monit Trip Meter x2
  • Ram Mount fittings
  • Rev counter
  • LHD and RHD headlamps included. LHD currently fitted
  • Auxillary power sockets
  • Storage pockets for driver and co-driver
  • Corbeau reclining sports seats
  • Full Harness seat belts
  • Rear roll cage
  • Spares contained in storage area behind seats
  • Safe in rear compartment
  • Numerous lights in interior, boot and under bonnet
  • Long range fuel tanks
  • Twin fuel system with Facet fuel pumps
  • Twin Fuel filters
  • Twin coil ignition changeover system
  • New battery
  • Electronic ignition
  • K&N Air Filters
  • PIAA Town Horns
  • Air Horn Country Horns
  • Uprated B20 engine
  • Engine mounts are strengthened and retaining straps fitted
  • Uprated transmission
  • Uprated strengthened front suspension arms
  • Uprated strengthened rear axle
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Uprated strengthened rear suspension arms
  • Uprated Bilstein Shock absorbers all round
  • Axle catch straps


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