1948 Ford Coupe Long Distance Rally Car Outside RPS

 Price £110,000

Rally Preparation Services Ltd is delighted to offer for sale this fantastic brute of a car which was originally prepared to tackle one of the toughest driving challenges in the world – the Peking to Paris rally but the car has yet to enter a competition or take to the start line.

During World War II Ford Motor Company manufactured many war materials, including more than 8,000 B-24 Liberator bombers. Once the war ended, it was time to resume car production. Post war production was essentially based on carry-over 1942 models. Ford’s renown advertising agency created a successful advertising campaign showing a hand holding a crystal ball with the words “There’s a Ford in your future.” Then in October 1945, the agency promoted “V8 Day” showing off the new Ford styles. The clever promotion capitalized on the “V-J Day” (Victory in Japan) and “V-E Day” (Victory in Europe) celebrations. Almost half a million people went on to place orders for the car. A major contrast to earlier on that year when Ford was losing $9 million USD a month, or about $120 million USD in comparison today.

1948 was the final year of production for the old-style Ford and marked the end of the model and a generational change.

Built into its current specification in the US, a very last-minute change of plans by the owner left the car sat on the side lines waiting to go. Shipped to us this year to prepare the car ready for sale the car is now offered through Rally Preparation Services Ltd as a ready to rally option for anybody looking to tackle long distance rallies.

The car boasts a recent engine rebuild, gearbox and axle upgrades along with a host of upgrades to go rallying and almost a brand-new car.

All viewings and test drives by appointment. 

  • Rebuilt Engine
  • Gearbox Upgrade
  • Axle Upgrade
  • Uprated Suspension
  • Truck wheels
  • Off-road tyres
  • Uprated brakes
  • Marathon Spec Radiator and cooling system
  • Long range fuel cell and fuel system
  • Full set of Instrumentation
  • Twin Monit Trip Meters
  • Uprated instruments
  • Auxiliary power sockets
  • Bespoke wiring loom
  • Uprated charging system
  • Modern seats
  • Auxiliary lamps
  • Fresh Chrome


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