RPS 1939 Plymouth Coupe

PRICE £17,000


IDEAL FOR USE ON: Flying Scotsman  / Safari Challenge Trans America / Peking To Paris / Odyssey Italia / Paris Amsterdam / Slartibartfast / Great Amazon Adventure / Maya classic


Rally Preparation Services is pleased to offer for sale this very original 1939 American Plymouth P-8 Deluxe classic car for sale.

These cars were among the first to feature a steering column gear change instead of in the traditional location on the floor. Late in the 1920s and into 1930s, the Chrysler Corporation successfully marketed Plymouth as a low-priced rival to Ford and Chevrolet. Strong sales of the new make during the time of the Great Depression were quite significant with Plymouth standing third in production numbers towards the end of 1931. By the close of 1936 the number of units produced had reached half million cars per year.

The Plymouth’s coupe body style was very popular late in the 1920s, when closed cars at low prices were becoming so much more popular. Coupes were favourite among traveling salesmen, young people, single women, and others who needed room for only one or two people. The word “coupe” is French for “cut,” meaning a standard vehicle cut in size.

Rally Preparation Services’ core business is preparing cars for rallying with this beautiful classic found in the USA while looking for Chevrolets. The streamlined styling of the 1939 Plymouth and this five-window coupe is in the opinion of the Rally Preparation Services experts one of the best examples of art-deco automotive of the period – the chrome detail is so appealing. This car is in extremely good condition both inside and out and is a sound basis for either occasional pleasure or adventure driving wherever you may wish to go.

The car is now UK registered and ready to go.

The car is currently residing at RPS’ sister company – the SASCo storage facility and available for inspection.

All viewings and test drives welcomed by appointment at Rally Preparation Services All enquiries please to Martin on martin@rpscvm.com or telephone +44 (0) 1993 358009



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